A Bit of Kefta at Musee du Cinema

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Making history.

Making history.

Morocco is rich in movie history and the center of that history is¬†Ouarzazate. So naturally there is a museum called Musee du Cinema because that’s apparently the way you say movie museum in French. And just like all other museums, this one has a cafe nearby for hungry travelers. Continue Reading»

Hotel Eats at Dar Amazir

January 23rd, 2015 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
Just what I didn't order.

Just what I didn’t order.

Sometimes you get to pick your food, and sometimes you don’t. Usually I try to avoid reviewing places that I don’t choose my meals, but in Morocco I ended up eating at a few of my hotels without a choice. Fortunately, one of these hotels was Dar Amazir in the town of Agdz. Continue Reading»

Something Special at Kasbah Nkob

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Quite an oasis.

Quite an oasis.

On our way back from the Sahara, we stopped in Nkob for lunch at a spot creatively named Kasbah Nkob. The place had a pretty stellar view of the city and surrounding oasis, but you don’t want to know about that. You want to know about their food. And this food looked almost exactly like it was pulled from the book of generic Moroccan food for tourists. Except for one thing. Continue Reading»

Desert Pizza at Cafe Restaurant Nora

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Pizza Pizza.

Pizza Pizza.

While hanging out in Merzouga, we made our way to the Sudanese part of town (actually populated former slaves brought in from sub-Saharan Africa). It was there that we¬†stopped to eat at a place called Cafe Restaurant Nora, which was apparently not named for my cousin Nora but for the daughter of the owner. Whatever. We were actually more excited about lunch than usual (I know, hard to believe), because we were told that Nora specialized in a “Saharan Pizza” (also known as “Berber Pizza.”) Continue Reading»

Sandy Bites at Auberge Les Roches

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Just so many veggies.

Just so many veggies.

While “riad” may be a common word for “hotel” in Morocco, due to the French influence in the country, “auberge” comes up pretty often as well. So when we stayed right next to the Sahara in Merzouga our hotel was called Auberge Les Roches. Auberge Le Sable would probably have been a more appropriate name, but whatevsies. As with a couple other stops, our hotel was also our restaurant for the night and that could only mean one thing: tajine. Continue Reading»

In the Mouth at Restaurant Inass

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Just some nuts and noodles.

Just some nuts and noodles.

On the way to the Sahara Desert, we stopped at a place called Restaurant Inass in Tinghir. Despite the name of the place, I assumed the was served in the mouth as opposed to…well…the name of the place. The restaurant had a deep back outdoor area and we found ourselves a seat. And before our meal came out, we were brought a nice little dish of noodles with nuts, cinnamon and sugar. But that’s not all. Continue Reading»

A Berber Feast at Riad Les 5 Lunes

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More Moroccan salad.

More Moroccan salad.

After a long day of travel, we found ourselves staying at Riad Les 5 Lunes in Boumalne Dades for the night. Just like the night before, dinner would take place at our hotel. The difference was that this hotel was more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel. Dinner was prepared by the Berber family that owned the place and although it took a while, it was nice to experience a different sort of local meal. Continue Reading»

Pizza Time at Cafe Restaurant Dades Services

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It's okay because of the kefta.

It’s okay because of the kefta.

On the way to the Dades Gorge, we stopped at a place called Cafe Restaurant Dades Services in Kalaat M’Gouna. Or at least that was the name of the sign that hung over the place next to the gas station where we ate. Most likely it was just a list of all the things the place offered, but it at least served as a name for me. Continue Reading»

Resorting at Chez Talout

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A change in breads.

A change in breads.

When the drive to your hotel requires a 10 minute stretch down a dirt road in pitch black with no lights to be seen, restaurant options can be very limited. And by limited I mean that the meal can be nowhere other than the hotel’s terrace. Fortunately the hotel was Chez Talout in Skoura and was a sort of mini resort that even sported its own hammam. Continue Reading»

Rocking the Kasbah at Restaurant L’Oasis D’Or

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The shareef don't like it.

The shareef don’t like it.

For any fans of The Clash that have wondered what a casbah (or kasbah on Morocco) is, the answer can be found at Ait Ben Haddou, the biggest kasbah in all of Morocco. And after we rocked it we were in need of some food and found ourselves at Restaurant L’Oasis D’Or. The menu had items I had already tried out and one that had yet eluded me. Continue Reading»

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My kinda street food.

At night in the Djemaa El Fna (Big Square) in Marrakech’s Medina, the street food comes to life. Of course, the place is still full of street performers and snake charmers, but the food looks oh so much better. The only trouble is the insane amount of people working in the stalls that badger you about as hard as possible to stop by their stall. My favorite line, though, was “same shit, different stall.” And he was right, it all looked the same, so I stopped by one to see what they had.

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