A Bacchanal Buffet Without Borders

October 20th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
Did someone say mini burgers?

Did someone say mini burgers?

In my mind, no trip to Sin City is worth it without committing the sin of gluttony. There are many outlets for said gluttony, but none better than one of the city’s amazing buffets. And perhaps there is no better buffet than the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. As an added bonus, for brunch they throw bottomless mimosas on top of their mess of food. And what a beautiful mess of food it is. The place is simply huge, with each station being big enough to house an entire buffet at any lesser establishment. Continue Reading»

A Little Tomago at Fuku Burger

October 17th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
It's pronounced "fookoo."

It’s pronounced “fookoo.”

Amidst the new Linq in Las Vegas is a little spot called Fuku Burger. While the Linq is new, Fuku Burger certainly is not. It started as a food truck in Vegas a few years ago, became a short-lived restaurant in Hollywood afterwards and then found this new permanent location within a cool new food court type of thing. The menu is nice and small and priced right, just like a food truck should be, even if it’s now brick and mortar. Continue Reading»

Waking Up to Hash House a Go Go

October 16th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
A pile of epicness.

A pile of epicness.

I usually prefer not to wake up early in Vegas, but when I do it is either to hit the pool or to find some awesome food. Fortunately we found the latter with Hash House a Go Go. Located in The Quad (some confusing newfangled hotel/casino), Hash House is some sort of farm fresh. This I don’t quite understand because I feel like there aren’t any farms anywhere within a 200 mile radius of Las Vegas, but I digress. Whatever you want to call it, it looked good. Continue Reading»

Crushing Burgs at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen + Bar

October 15th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
Crushin' it.

Crushin’ it.

Las Vegas in unquestionably a land of excess. So not surprisingly there is Guy Fieri restaurant on The Strip called Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen + Bar. It’s not exactly the most inspiring name, but it was enough to pull me in from the street when I was on my way to eat elsewhere. The menu was not far from this, but seemed somewhat more edible. The prices were a bit high, but I figured in the land of excess, this would result in an excessively large meal. Continue Reading»

A Meaty Green Pepper

October 14th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
A couple stray veggies...

A couple stray veggies…

With a name like Green Pepper, you might think an unvegan like me would be scared away. But, upon hearing it called the best Korean spot in Pittsburgh from an actual Korean I knew I had to check it out (their awesome website and payment policy didn’t hurt either). After all, I got hooked on Korean food in LA and it was about as meaty as food gets. Continue Reading»

Das Food at Hofbrauhaus

October 8th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
Mmmm sausage bread.

Mmmm sausage bread.

Oh Hofbrauhaus, how you manage to put items on a menu like “Kartoffelpfannkuchen” amazes me considering the size of your beer steins. I can’t pronounce things like that without beer in me, and it doesn’t get much better afterwards. Nonetheless, at least in Pittsburgh (as opposed to Germany) I can get a good explanation of what each dish is. Continue Reading»

Feeling Satisfied at Ritter’s Diner

October 7th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
So cheesy.

So cheesy.

In a world filled with fancy brunch spots, it’s comforting to know that greasy spoons like Ritter’s Diner still exist. Because after a night filled with too many vinos, I don’t want some newfangled omelet or polenta cake, I want cheese, bacon and a side of grease. And in my head, what better place to satisfy this need than Ritter’s Diner? Continue Reading»

Not That Gandy Dancer

October 6th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit


Station Square is one of Pittsburgh’s older buildings, having formerly housed a train station and currently housing some of the nicest stained glass in town. It also houses the Gandy Dancer Saloon, which should not at all be confused with the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor that was also connected in history and proximity to a railway. This Gandy Dancer is certainly nothing fancy, a bar with mostly seafood options, but since I’m not exactly a fancy man this seemed right up my alley. Continue Reading»

Torpedo Time at The Chuck Box

September 22nd, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
Like a real grill.

Like a real grill.

After a failed attempt to visit a Detroit Coney-style restaurant in Phoenix, we made our way to The Chuck Box in Tempe. This was by no means a lesser choice because The Chuck Box is a local legend, just an unanticipated one. When we arrived, the place was nearly empty. Although being as early as we were this was not a surprise, yet there was still a smell char-grilling in the air and a ragtag group of guys looking to take an order. Continue Reading»

Burro-ing at La Fonda Del Sol

September 17th, 2014 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
A mighty burro.

A mighty burro.

When on a quest for more food in Phoenix/Scottsdale, we unsurprisingly found ourselves at another Mexican restaurant. This should not come as a surprise because nearly every restaurant in Phoenix is Mexican, but this was another classic: La Fonda Del Sol. The name means something or another about the sun, and once again I found myself face-to-face with burros instead of burritos. Continue Reading»

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Kinda like a normal chicken.

Kinda like a normal chicken.

Throughout my time in Western New York, I saw a great many signs for “Chicken BBQ.” They would often appear on weekends as fundraisers for churches and the like. Eventually I learned they were using Chiavetta’s Marinade and while the chicken itself was ordinary, I found the existence and cultural phenomenon of Chiavetta’s strange enough to turn Chiavetta’s Chicken into a strange meat.

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