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The Unvegan is Now Accepting Sponsors!

If you are looking for a great new way to advertise your business, consider

Ads on the Unvegan target a wide range of demographics and since the sizes are different from advertising standards, they will draw more eyes than the usual ads that are often ignored. See that ad to the right? Pretty tough to miss, eh?

If that sounds good to you, there are two different ways you can advertise on Unvegan.

Premium Space
Premium Space ads are guaranteed to appear before the fold and are immediately visible upon visiting the site.

Regular Space
Regular Space ads will appear on the right side of the page and will still be quite prominent for viewers.

Ads can come in two different sizes, a full ad is 460 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall and a half ad is 460 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall. Check out the example of a full ad below.

For rates and other information, please contact the Unvegan at