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Fiji Meat Men: Unvegan Heroes

It’s not too often that a promotional video captured the heart of an entire industry, and when they do it’s usually boring. Only cheese and milk have really made headway into the entertainment field in the United States, but there could be good news coming for meat.

Fiji Meats has a video that plays on rented videos in Fiji that just might change the entire world’s perception of meat. The video is filled with Fijians working in meat plant singing “I’m a Fiji meat man!” Yes, even the women sing about being a Fiji meat man. At one point a worker dances with an entire pig over his shoulder. To see it all, check out the video…

I don’t think I saw one vegetable in that video.

For doing a great job at the meat factory and singing a great song to go with a great video, Fiji meat men, you are true Unvegan Heroes.