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Not too far off...
Not too far off...

We’ve all heard about pitcher plants and Venus fly traps; carnivorous plants that trap insects and sometimes bigger animals to get their nutrients. Most vegetarians probably don’t concern themselves with these plants since they would never consider eating them. But what if they were to find out that some of their beloved vegetables were responsible for the deaths of animals?

According to the Independent,

Researchers at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew now believe there are hundreds more plants that catch and eat insects and other small animals than they previously realised. Among them are species of petunia, ornamental tobacco plants, potatoes and tomatoes and shepherd’s purse, a relative of cabbages.

These plants aren’t exactly overt about being carnivorous, like the pitcher plant and fly trap. In fact, the research shows that aside from being responsible for the deaths themselves, these plants absorb the dead bodies through the soil just like we have always known. But the difference really is the death. These plants use sticky hairs, leaves and other small adaptations to keep the meat coming.

So next time your vegetarian friend bites into a tomato, you may want to tell them that a healthy dose of animal lives were sacrificed in the making of that semi-food.

(via the Independent)