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Bring on the Biltong

So this is all the excitement?
So this is all the excitement?

South Africa is a meaty place. So meaty, in fact, that when I departed for the place, I was told I had to get myself some biltong. Biltong (not to be confused with binturong, a mammal from Southeast Asia) is basically South African jerky.

Except that it’s a huge deal. The stuff can be found everywhere and is made from just about every creature available. It’s not just for road trips, and I decided to try a couple different types while there. The best I had was Chili Chutney flavored, which was a bit sweet and spicy.

Biltong tended to be a bit thicker than typical jerky and the sheer variety ensured that I was never sick of it. In fact, we had some every day on our safari and never tired of it.

So if you ever make it to South Africa, do yourself a favor and get some biltong. You’ll thank me later.