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Guiding Myself Towards Better Bacon

Well this is just perfect.
Well this is just perfect.

A few weeks ago, I ordered the Guide to Better Bacon from the Zingerman’s food empire as a gift for one of my friends. A real friend forces you to eat tons of bacon! Anyway, the book never showed, so I called up Zingerman’s and they were kind enough to ship me another book expressly. The new book arrived two days later and soon after made its way to my buddy.

A few days passed and I forgot about the book, but when I got my mail this morning, I was greeted by a most pleasant surprise. My original book order had been lost somewhere in a Los Angeles post office, only to be found and delivered. Now that I had already given the gift, this book was now free for my own bacon conquests. I haven’t been able to tackle any recipes yet, but I am already so intrigued by the history of bacon, pig diagrams and more. Goodbye unclogged arteries!

Dear Bacon:  Guide me.
Dear Bacon: Guide me.

It isn’t often that a nice Jewish boy like Ari Weinzweig dedicates an entire book to bacon, and when he does, you know it has to be great. For that, I thank you, Zingerman’s. You have given me a gift that I will treasure for as long as bacon tastes delicious.

Guide yourself here.