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A Quick Bite at Burrito Express

But those onions.

When I arrived in Phoenix I found myself going to far too many fancy pants modern Mexican restaurants. So I asked around for where I could find the good stuff and was directed to Burrito Express. It sat on my list for a while as I tried plentiful other places, but I finally made it to the Scottsdale location and found that it had burritos and they were prepared in an express manner, hence the name.

I ordered the Steak, Bean and Cheese Burrito, which is as aptly named as Burrito Express. It was literally just filled with those ingredients, which is perfect for me, but I wanted a little more on the outside so I ordered it enchilada style. I opted for the red sauce based on the counter guy’s recommendation.

Inside, outside leave me alone.

Unfortunately, while enchilada style typically just means sauce and cheese in my world, in the world of Burrito Express it also means diced onions. Thus, I had to scrape a bunch of onions off of the burrito with a bunch of cheese being sacrificed in the process. Fortunately it was all uphill (which I think is a good thing) from there. The flavors screamed yummy greasy burrito. The salsa was tasty and the meat was pretty tender.

If I had the chance to do it again, I would skip out on the enchilada style and just go straight up. After all, the burrito already has cheese in it, it’s already served with salsa and there aren’t any damn onions inside. Plus, getting it enchilada style makes it about 30% more expensive.

Regardless, Burrito Express is a solid spot that lived up to its billing. And if it weren’t for the onions it could have been even more.