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When burger’s on a fry bread, you can eat burger any time.

Indian Fry Bread has a tragic, complicated history. Yet, it has also grown beyond that to shine a somewhat positive light on the Native Americans of the Southwest as the bread has made its way beyond the reservations. The Fry Bread Truck is proudly sling the bread around the Valley of the Sun with some interesting twists.

After much deliberation (and veggies in every option), I chose the Indian Fry Bread Burger. It was essentially that delicious fried dough wrapped around two cheeseburger patties with beans (a must for fry bread), lettuce and tomato. Let me start by saying that each of these components were delicious. The fry bread had a perfect amount of fluffiness inside to combine with the slightly crispy outside and a whole lot of oil retention. The burgers were plenty juicy and the beans did what they do. I also enjoyed both the red and green salsa options to toss on the burger.

But man, something was just off about this combination. I expected a heavy meal out of this fry bread burger, but I didn’t anticipate just how difficult it would be to get through it. I think it was simply too much savory without any balance of competing flavor profiles or lightness. I’m thinking guacamole or just straight avocado would have gotten the job done.

Sure, I would get it again, but I would probably also tweak the recipe in some way if I were running the truck to add more balance to the burger.