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Once in a blue moon (or every Thursday night), The Yard in Shadyside has a burger and beer special in which you can get a Juicy Lucy (yeah I know it’s spelled wrong) and a beer for $10. This is a good deal even by Pittsburgh standards despite the fact that the burger doesn’t come with any sides and the beer selection is somewhat limited.

Where's the explosion?
Where’s the explosion?

I ordered the aforementioned special and asked for the Lucy without the lettuce, tomato and onion that it unfortunately comes with. And in continuing the misfortune, the burger came out with the onions still on it. Luckily, I managed to remove those things without destroying my Lucy. Despite needing to be cooked well-done, I actually found the Juicy Lucy to be pretty well…juicy. It was by no means dripping with deliciousness, but still it was nice. The only problem was that the molten core seemed to have burst prematurely, so I didn’t get to experience the opening of the Lucy myself. It didn’t harm the flavor, but was certainly a damper for the experience.

This was definitely a deal I’d like to grab again, but it also opened my eyes to the other options that The Yard has and I’m looking forward to perhaps grabbing something else from them soon.