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Hey Porky.
Hey Porky.

The bar and restaurant once known as Stack’d II quickly became The Ave and has in turn finally become the Tipsy Cow – still in Shadyside of course. And while Stack’d II and The Ave slung cheesesteaks instead of burgers, the Tipsy Cow has taken the original Stack’d’s custom burger concept and upgraded it to make burgers that actually taste like something you want to eat.

Yet, when it came to my order for my review of the Tipsy Cow, I went with a pre-set burger called the Tipsy Pig. This burger was made with a 50/50 bacon and beef patty, then topped with strips of bacon, Canadian bacon, bacon mayo and finally some cheddar. I also ordered some fries to go with it.

And yet still pink inside.
And yet still pink inside.

Sadly, the cheese turned out not to be the only non-bacon topping, as my burger arrived with a tomato and lettuce. I removed these promptly and was at least glad the lettuce wasn’t shredded. And it turned out the Tipsy Pig was actually pretty great, despite the fact that all the bacon made it pretty dry. I have experienced the bacon threshold before and this burger did not appear to reach that point, despite being quite the bacon challenge. Perhaps it was the Bell’s Two Hearted that neutralized the effect, but whatever the case I was a happy man. Plus, the fries were at least not fried in bacon or anything like that.

Despite dropping the cheesesteaks, the Tipsy Cow has put up a good effort in Pittsburgh’s slightly classier bar food scene. Plus, you can’t go wrong with bacon, bacon and more bacon.