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Four sauces for three meats.
Four sauces for three meats.

In my continuing quest for Buffalo’s best BBQ, I made my way to Fat Bob’s Smokehouse with a few guys. Unlike Dinosaur, Fat Bob’s is a Buffalo native with only one location in Buffalo. Like some other BBQ places, Fat Bob’s doesn’t seem to have an actual specialty, unless you count their mac and cheese. Fortunately, this one has combo platters to ensure an unvegan like me can sample around.

I picked the 3 meat combo, going with St. Louis Pork Ribs, Sliced Angus Beef Brisket and BBQ Smoked Chicken. Then for my two sides I picked the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. The platter wasn’t pretty, as the food all seemed to have been thrown on the plate, but there was plenty of food. There were also plenty of sauces, but the best one turned out to be the “AK” (Ass Kicking) sauce, which had a little bite to it, but wasn’t overly spicy.

One heavy plate.
One heavy plate.

As for the food, though, the mac was the clear winner. This could be seen as a sort of referendum on the meat itself, but also just shows how great the mac actually was. In truth, the chicken and brisket were both disappointing. The chicken wasn’t exactly the “fall off the bone” type, but at least had some decent flavor. The brisket was also dry, but with good flavor. The clear meaty winner was the ribs, which were both flavorful and to the right texture and “fall off the bone” standards.

It seemed that Fat Bob’s had trouble getting meats cooked right , but knew how to add good flavor. Nonetheless, I’d recommend sticking to the mac at Fat Bob’s and going elsewhere for other BBQ needs.