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Korean BBQ Festival and Cook-Off

The lines were long, but not endless.
The lines were long, but not endless.

On Saturday, my friends and I headed down to Koreatown for the Korean BBQ Festival and Cook-Off. Korean BBQ is known to be heavy in meat, so I felt this would be a great opportunity to tackle my daily meat intake.

The festival ran from 12:00-5:00 and although we arrived around 1:00, the lines were already getting pretty long. I wasn’t too surprised by the long lines since the event was free, plus $10 per plate.

Assuming the longest lines had the best food, I jumped into one of the lines without

Tubs of meat roll by.
Tubs of meat roll by.

even knowing what it was.

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day!

hot-dogIt seems as though our great nation cannot agree upon a date to celebrate National Hot Dog Day. I’ve seen websites claiming it falls on any day between 19th and 23rd of July, but there is certainly one thing we can agree on: July is truly the month for hot dogs. It starts with Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th, and continues throughout the month with strings of backyard barbecues, baseball games and the sheer enjoyment of that magical tube meat. So before the month ends, be sure to get your share of hot dogs, you’ll be happy you did.

Free Meat Alert: White Castle

I don't know if it's a real slider, but it's free.
I don't know if it's a real slider, but it's free.

Click on that picture to the left to get a free Pulled Pork Slider coupon from White Castle. The coupon is good through June 30th and looks pretty damn good.

I have a hard time believing you can make a real slider out of pulled pork, but since White Castle burgers are true sliders, maybe they are on to something…

*Update: It looks like they are also offering free regular sliders through July 12th. Check out the coupon here. Thanks to AHT for the info.

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LA BBQ Festival

LC's had the longest line for some reason...
LC's had the longest line for some reason...

On Sunday, I made my way to the Santa Monica Pier to take part in the unvegan bbq fest 3

unvegan bbq fest 10At $10 a plate, this was not a festival to attend alone. Instead, my friends and I divided up the place to get a few plates and sample each other’s. First, we checked out Southside Market and BBQ from Elgin, unvegan bbq fest 2Texas. They were offering sausage and brisket (combined) sandwiches with no side dish. Despite the fact that the plate came with onions, this place was truly built for unvegans. The sausage was incredible, but the brisket was nothing special. It felt as if the brisket was just kind of forced in order to make the plate worth the $10, because there was no way to tackle two of those sausages.

Support Pork Week

Now that we have recovered from the paranoia surrounding the Swine Flu, it’s time to re-embrace those unkosher animals that caused the whole media event in the first place. Enter Support Pork Week, an idea proposed by Indrani Sen of the New York Times. Rather than avoiding one of the great meats of the world, we should make up for lost time and support the other white meat. From bacon to salami to shoulder, let’s all jump back on the pork wagon and celebrate surviving the first pandemic of 2009.

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(via NY Times)