‘Kansas City’

Jeff Francoeur: Unvegan Hero

April 20th, 2012 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

Look forward to bacon.

The great thing about this whole Unvegan Hero/Unvegan Villain thing is that there are so many opportunities to praise Detroit/Michigan athletes and knock down their rivals. But when I found out a little something about Jeff Francoer, I knew I had to give a rival his due. Continue Reading»

Finding Kansas City BBQ in LA

September 1st, 2010 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

WTF Pickles!

A lot of places are known to have delicious BBQ.  St. Louis and Memphis are both huge and Texas always claims to be the best, but I have always felt best about Kansas City BBQ.  This affinity probably goes back to the only time I went to Kansas City and got some Gates Bar-B-Q in my pre-meat blog days.  It was so good I left Kansas City with my very own bottle of sauce.  When I started working in North Hollywood, I noticed a place called The Kansas City BBQ Company nearby, but having heard nothing about it I sort of forgot about it. But recently a co-worker claimed it was really good, so an outing was planned and we all took a stroll down Magnolia to see how good Kansas City could taste in North Hollywood. Continue Reading»

Strange Eats: Natto

Such innocent sushi.

Such innocent sushi.

The first time I laid my eyes on natto was while studying abroad in Japan. To me it was nothing short of disgusting. Fermented soybeans? A raw egg? A simple stir with the chopsticks that made strands that looked like spiderwebs? For breakfast? It was not a pleasant experience, but it was certainly an experience to be remembered.

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