‘Kansas City’

Jeff Francoeur: Unvegan Hero

April 20th, 2012 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

Look forward to bacon.

The great thing about this whole Unvegan Hero/Unvegan Villain thing is that there are so many opportunities to praise Detroit/Michigan athletes and knock down their rivals. But when I found out a little something about Jeff Francoer, I knew I had to give a rival his due. Continue Reading»

Finding Kansas City BBQ in LA

September 1st, 2010 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

WTF Pickles!

A lot of places are known to have delicious BBQ.  St. Louis and Memphis are both huge and Texas always claims to be the best, but I have always felt best about Kansas City BBQ.  This affinity probably goes back to the only time I went to Kansas City and got some Gates Bar-B-Q in my pre-meat blog days.  It was so good I left Kansas City with my very own bottle of sauce.  When I started working in North Hollywood, I noticed a place called The Kansas City BBQ Company nearby, but having heard nothing about it I sort of forgot about it. But recently a co-worker claimed it was really good, so an outing was planned and we all took a stroll down Magnolia to see how good Kansas City could taste in North Hollywood. Continue Reading»

Strange Meats: Guinea Fowl

Tastes like chicken.

Tastes like chicken.

You know that whole “tastes like chicken” thing that was popular back when The Matrix came out? Yeah, I thought it was annoying too. However, when it came to eating guinea fowl (also known as bush chicken), I was eager to put that old adage to the test. My opportunity to dine on this fowl came in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and perhaps the best part of eating guinea fowl for dinner was the fact that I saw flocks of wild guinea fowl wandering the grounds of the restaurant earlier in the day.

Continue Reading»