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‘Pulled Pork’

Culver-Style BBQ at Chop Daddy’s (CLOSED)

It's smiling.
It’s smiling.

BBQ is a wonderful thing. And while most great BBQ is nowhere near LA, there are certainly great spots to be found. A newcomer on the scene just recently popped up in Culver City (in a corner where restaurant seem to die), calling itself Chop Daddy’s. The place has all the makings of trying to become a chain, which isn’t always the best when you’re looking for authenticity, but all I cared about was getting some good ‘cue.

Going Bananas for Burgers

Always plantains.
Always plantains.

It all began with a quick stop for some Medalla Light beers and some appetizers, but after taking a look at the menu and seeing the food our fellow customers were eating, it became apparent that Bananas in Esperanza would become our dinner that night in Vieques. Bananas, like Duffy’s from the night before, is kind of like a beach bar with mainland American influence.

BBQ Backup at VooDoo BBQ

Better than fast food.
Better than fast food.

BBQ seems to be a pretty big deal in the South, and this is just as true in New Orleans despite the French influence. Supposedly the best place for it is The Joint, but for some stupid reason The Joint has chosen to not be open on Sundays. As a current business school student I can’t comprehend this, but we had a backup plan and made our way to VooDoo BBQ in the Garden District/Uptown.

A Taste of Niagara-on-the-Lake (CLOSED)

Solid name.
Good thing it’s not called Size.

On a sojourn to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a day of bike riding and wine drinking, the wife and I found ourselves in need of a quick bite to eat. Usually this would have involved much research from a meat blogger like myself, but I was hungry and wine was waiting so we found ourselves in Taste, a little sandwich and salad spot. I was already concerned about my food because the place’s tagline is “The Healthy Option” and we all know that means healthy in the worst possible sense.

Indy Irish at O’Reilly’s

Down in Indy Town
Down in Indy Town.

Why would anyone go to Indianapolis? Well, outside of sports, I never saw any reason to until last weekend when I went for sports of the Michigan variety. But before said sporting could occur, I needed some food and headed to O’Reilly’s downtown, which was playing host to all of my fellow Wolverines. O’Reilly’s is pretty much an Irish Pub, but of reasonable size and we managed to find some comfy couch seats to get our eating going.

Free Meat Alert: White Castle

I don't know if it's a real slider, but it's free.
I don't know if it's a real slider, but it's free.

Click on that picture to the left to get a free Pulled Pork Slider coupon from White Castle. The coupon is good through June 30th and looks pretty damn good.

I have a hard time believing you can make a real slider out of pulled pork, but since White Castle burgers are true sliders, maybe they are on to something…

*Update: It looks like they are also offering free regular sliders through July 12th. Check out the coupon here. Thanks to AHT for the info.

(via Gizmodo)