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Look at how attractive I am.
Look at how attractive I am.

While certainly one of the most interesting looking creatures (read: ugly), southern elephant seals are also remarkable for being the largest animal from the order Carnivora to exist on Mother Earth. Surprisingly, not all animals from the order Carnivora are total carnivores, but the elephant seal and all of its cohorts in the pinniped family are obligate carnivores. This means that without the protein from animal meat, these animals can’t live. Good news for them, since meat is just so damn tasty.

The biggest elephant seal on record was an incredible 11,000 pounds and 22.5 feet long. That thing must have eaten a lot of meat to get to that remarkable size. Dining mostly on fish and squid, these awesome carnivores unsurprisingly spend their lives in the southern oceans. They are also pretty amphibious, being able to spend a decent amount of time on land while escaping from their mortal enemy, the orca.

For subsisting only on meat, looking awesome and being massive, southern elephant seals, you are true Unvegan Heroes!