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Oh no it's a veggie!
Oh no it’s a veggie!

A lot of unvegans avoid vegetables due to ethical or taste-related reasons, but for some, the hatred goes much deeper. Vicki Larrieux is one of these people. Not content just disliking vegetables, Larrieux has actually developed a phobia for vegetables.

The Telegraph reports that, “She suffers from a fear known as lachanophobia, which leaves her sweating and stricken with panic attacks at the merest sight of a sprout or a pea.” I had no idea that being unvegan could have such an awesome Greek word to go along with it.

Unfortunately, lachanophobia isn’t really awesome. It makes trips to the grocery store and restaurants pretty difficult. The life of an unvegan isn’t always full of glory and Larrieux has done a great job of pointing out some of the difficulties.

For showing that vegetables can cause internal strife, Vicki Larrieux, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Telegraph)