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Attack of the Baconator

The burger that eats you...
The burger that eats you…

The Baconator.

It sounds like something from a movie. A robot powered by bacon? A statue of Arnold Schwartzenegger composed entirely of bacon? Or, perhaps, it is just the name of Wendy’s greatest hamburger creation.

Despite the beauty of Wendy’s Value Menu, the Baconator is always the unvegan choice. This heart attack between buns is made of two 1/4 pound burger patties, two slices of cheese and six strips of bacon. The best part? Not a vegetable in sight.

When the Baconator arrived, all wrapped up in the foil/paper hybrid, it was a little on the small side. Nevertheless, I began eating, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the bacon. The thin strips were slightly thicker than a piece of paper, which made the six strips of bacon about the equal of two regular strips of bacon. On the positive side, the bacon was pretty crisp and not really fatty. The rest of the burger was square-shaped and delicious. By the time I finished, the caloric intake had overpowered the smallish size of the burger and I was quite full.

Wendy’s makes some of the best fast-food burgers around, and despite the mild disappointment of the actual bacon, the Baconator is a great way to get away from the vegetables and send any vegan in a five-mile radius running for cover.