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So tropical...
So tropical…

Puerto Rico has its fair share of fast food chains, including probably more Church’s Chickens than I have ever seen. But one thing that I had never seen before was Pollo Tropical. Pollo Tropical does appear to have locations in the mainland United States, but I had never seen it before stopping in Fajardo.

We were in a pretty big rush because of the backwards ferry system the Commonwealth employs, so I grabbed the daily special in the hopes that it would be ready quickly. It was essentially the chicken strips combo, which came with a choice of sides. I went with tostones (smushed, fried green plantains), because I just think plantains are awesome. It was ready really quickly and we grabbed some sauces and hit the road.

It was just a couple minutes to the ferry, so I do think this review is valid despite not eating the food when it was completely “fresh.” The result was, well, whatever. I know fast food shouldn’t have high bars no matter where it is, but I was kind of hoping for a surprise. There wasn’t one. So when you go to Puerto Rico, you don’t need to feel obliged to visit Pollo Tropical. Although I would still avoid Church’s Chicken.