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Serendipity at Daddy’s Burritos

A strong start.

On a pretty little Sunday afternoon in Culver City, my friends and I decided to try out a little place in Culver’s sketchville called J and J’s. After hearing tons of great meaty stories about this place, I knew it had to become an unvegan conquest. Alas, when we pulled up to the nondescript corner of West Adams and Spaulding, we found that the place didn’t do business on Sundays. A damn shame, but fortune wasn’t frowning upon us too much on that day. As we made our exit, we spotted an even more nondescript hole in the wall called Daddy’s Burritos. After a few moments of contemplation, we decided to try it out.

Upon entering Daddy’s Burritos, you feel like you have somehow walked into a third world country, and I mean that in the most awesome way possible. The place had only three tables with a few chairs and they were all plastic. At one of the tables was a guy just hanging out and watching Spanish TV. Both of which were obviously part of the decorum, and to top of the design, there was a counter decorated with a statue of the Buddha. If this place couldn’t make me a good burrito, I was ready to lose my faith in hole-in-the-walls, thankfully, burritos paris would still be there to comfort me.

All clear on the inside.

Their menu had some good offerings, but I decided to get one of their namesakes. I chose the Steak, Potato and Cheese burrito for $5.50, because it isn’t too often that potatoes are a burrito option outside of Taco Bell. I asked the woman behind the counter what else it came with and she said just salsa. I was worried that the salsa would be pico de gallo, but she assured me it wouldn’t be. About five minutes after ordering and staring into the eyes of the Buddha, my burrito was ready and we headed back to my buddy’s place to eat.

In my burrito bag, I found a daddy-sized burrito and also a decent amount of chips and some rice. This gave the place a definite advantage over places like Chipotle that don’t go the extra mile. But enough about that, what really mattered was the taste of the burrito. I dug in and was delighted. The burrito was very flavorful and the potatoes were a really nice touch. These weren’t some sort of hash browns, but were nicely seasoned potato cubes. Everything went together very nicely, and the only real negative I found was that the tortilla itself struggled to contain the components of my burrito.

It was really nice to stumble upon a place like this. LA has a lot of gems like Daddy’s Burritos, but we often pass them up and wind up at subpar Mexican places like Tito’s Tacos just because they are told it is good. Next time I’m craving a burrito in that little stretch of town, I will definitely try to make my way to Daddy’s.