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Tastes like chicken.
Tastes like chicken.

You know that whole “tastes like chicken” thing that was popular back when The Matrix came out? Yeah, I thought it was annoying too. However, when it came to eating guinea fowl (also known as bush chicken), I was eager to put that old adage to the test. My opportunity to dine on this fowl came in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and perhaps the best part of eating guinea fowl for dinner was the fact that I saw flocks of wild guinea fowl wandering the grounds of the restaurant earlier in the day.

Come, have a seat on my plate.
Come, have a seat on my plate.

I briefly contemplated the fact that I might be eating one of my photogenic friends from earlier, but once I saw the incredibly chicken-esque preparation of guinea fowl, I forgot completely about those live birds. In fact, guinea fowl was unmistakably similar to chicken. It did seem to be a bit more juicy than chicken, which was nice, and the size was smaller, although that could have been because there weren’t any crazy hormones pumping the bush chicken to epic proportions.

Nonetheless, the guinea fowl was a pretty tasty bird. A strange meat to be sure, but certainly not one too far outside of the comfort zone.