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This godamba is making me thirsty.

By now you may be wondering why I’m posting all about food in China. First and foremost, it was for vacation, but it was also to check out the Shanghai World Expo. If you don’t know what the Expo (formerly known as the World’s Fair) is, it’s basically a huge event lasting a few months where countries are given the opportunity to build pavilions to show off their nations. Some create beautiful works of architecture (remnants of past fairs include the Eiffel Tower and Ferris Wheel), some show off aspects of their culture and some simply use their pavilion to sell products from their country. Some even had local foods to eat, and that interested me the most.

It’s not the Eiffel Tower, but the China Pavilion was pretty awesome.

When we found ourselves in the Sri Lanka, I was feeling pretty hungry. There were some cool things to look at, but mostly I was interested in the type of food that they ate in that huge island off the coast from India. Not surprisingly, a lot of the food looked like I could find it in any Indian restaurant, but then I saw the Meat Godamba. Įtempiamos lubos Vilniuje Gera kaina My eyes were first drawn to the word “meat,” but then my mouth realized that “godamba” sounded pretty awesome when spoken out loud, so I ordered one. It was hard to tell what was inside because the entire thing was wrapped in flatbread, but I knew at the very least there would be meat inside. They offered to cut it for me and as soon as they did, I let out a sigh of relief as I realized there weren’t any hidden veggies.

The stupa looks pretty cool, but not as tasty as the godamba.

When I bit in, I was immediately pleased. The inside had a sort of a spice that tasted kind of like curry, but that could have simply been my preconceived notions making me think it was curry-esque. Nonetheless, the spice gave the godamba a slight kick, but also made it taste delicious. In addition to the meat, I could also taste some sort of potato inside, which may have made this dish the equivalent of Sri Lankan meat and potatoes. It was perfect for an unvegan and definitely something that would make a great snack or side dish for any sort of South Asian meal.

I was definitely happy to find the meat godamba in Sri Lanka. It was certainly the most unique food I found all day that I had never seen before in the USA, and hence the only food from the Expo worth writing about. If only I could find Sri Lankan food at home, I would be up for getting down with the godamba again.