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Burnin' for you!
Burnin’ for you!

The latest issue of Los Angeles Magazine boasts an impressive list of the 10 Best New Restaurants in LA. But the magazine went one step further and set up a celebration at the Architecture and Design Museum downtown to feature a number of them, as well as a few other restaurants. Thus, I made my way there to see what passes for “best” and “new” these days. Here are the highlights:

unvegan lamag best restaurants the bellwether

The Bellwether: Nancy’s Day Boat Scallops

I’m not usually one for scallops, but these were like butter and the pairing with duck bacon, sprouted lentils and an orange creme fraiche just enhanced the slurpy experience. I’ve been visiting a variety of restaurants and comparing copycat recipes of my favorite ones and using it to achieve my favorite recipe.

lamag best restaurants baran's 2239

Baran’s 2239: Quail Indian Egg

What’s a quail Indian egg? Oh, just a quail egg wrapped in lamb sausage and curry jus with a cucumber salad. I can’t speak to the salad, but I never knew a quail egg could be so delicious and not simply disappointing because of its size.

unvegan lamag best restaurants howlin' ray's 2

Howlin’ Ray’s: Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

Despite the fact that I made the mistake of ordering mine hot (aka like licking a powdery version of the surface of the sun), this full-sized wing did nothing more than make me want to go to the actual location.

unvegan lamag best restaurants scopa italian roots 2

Scopa Italian Roots: Handmade Cavatelli

I’m a sucker for handmade pasta. I’m also a sucker for cheesy sauce. Thus, this cavatelli (aka mealworm-shaped pasta) with black pepper and pecorino crushed it for me. It didn’t hurt that they had some cheesy bread as well.


As this was an LA Mag event, there were also a few drink options. I zoned in on the Duvel beer, but there was also plenty of wine and Bombay Sapphire gin to be had. There was even a spot of Infiniti-sponsored cookie shots from the dirty cookie. I couldn’t resist and snagged one to round out my meal, although it would have been nice to have it next to me when I tasted the Nashville Hot Chicken.

I can only imagine what this next year in restaurants will bring…