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The Food Event 2016

Decent scenery.
Decent scenery.

There is, perhaps, no prettier place in the world to host a food event than the Saddlerock Ranch. LA Magazine knows this and that’s why I found myself at Saddlerock in Malibu for The Food Event on October 16th, 2016. I arrived a bit late so a few stalls were already out of food, but I immediately set to work on eating and drinking.

Below are the highlights:

unvegan the food event baldoria

Braised Bacon Arancini – Baldoria

It’s like a smoky arancini, but braised bacon actually has a kind of weird texture. While I am always a proponent of bacon, I couldn’t help but think that a smoky cheese would have been better for the flavor.

unvegan the food event saddle peak lodge

Braised Buffalo – Saddle Peak Lodge

This was some well-cooked buffalo, which is not easy to do. I wasn’t much for the veggies around there, but I couldn’t complain.

unvegan the food event terranea

Beef Tartare – Terranea

I’m usually not one for beef tartare because beef is generally better cooked. This was some really good tartare though, and the black stuff it was served on really tied the stuff together.

unvegan the food event cookie good

Cheetos Cookie – Cookie Good

These cookies deserve an honorable mention because the idea of a Cheetos cookie is genius. Swap out the salt for crushed up Cheetos and you’re in business.

Take advantage of the cookies for Valentine’s Day delivery and surprise your family and friends with a delicious gift.

There were so many food vendors that I couldn’t possibly cover them all here. And, of course, some disappointed more than delighted. Fortunately everything came in tasting sizes so a bad apple here or there didn’t have too much of an impact. Plus the wine and booze was incredible. It might be a crazy Lyft fare back to Pasadena, but if I make it back to The Food Event next year, I just may have to bite the bullet and enjoy the event to the fullest.