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More like connect a cut of beef.

Although soon to be my sworn enemy (when Michigan takes on UConn in football), the state of Connecticut currently houses a new hero of mine. This hero is Caey Casasanta, a man unknown to me until a couple days ago when I found an article about an incredible eating contest in Connecticut.

To call him a man has nothing to do with his age, because at the age of sixteen he is barely eligible to drive. Yet nothing less than a man would be able to complete the feat of eating that he has. The contest is called the Big 72 and to win it, Casasanta had to scarf down an 72 ounces of steak and some fixin’s in under an hour. Four and a half pounds! That’s like oh man I don’t know that’s just a whole lot of beef. Ok ok…to put it in perspective, that’s 18 quarter pounders worth of beef!

In my mind, this feat far surpasses the twelve labors of Hercules and at only sixteen, his body had probably metabolized the whole steak by the time he swallowed his last bite. Oh how I miss those days.

So for eating more meat in an hour than some mighty unvegans can’t even eat in a week, Casey Casasanta, you are a true Unvegan Hero.

(via The New Haven Register)