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Meat into money.

Mmmmm meat. There’s something about that just makes my mouth water. It must be the taste. But taste alone is not enough to make meat amazing, apparently meat can be a pretty good springboard for earning some serious cash. Take Li Li from China for example.

Not too long ago, Li was working at a meat-processing company. A noble job by all accounts. Just yesterday, though, this meat man became China’s richest man. In a land of more than 1 billion people, that is no small feat. To become the richest man, all he had to do was build a pharmaceutical company called Hepalink and toss it into the Shanghai Composite Index for trading. This brought his wealth do a somewhat humbling 7.8 billion dollars.

And where would he be without meat? Would Li ever have gotten his start on the path to wealth if he hadn’t worked at a meat processing plant? Probably not. Could you imagine where he would be if he had gotten his start at a vegetable processing plant? I’ll give you a hint…it’s somewhere between no and where.

So for beginning your working life in meat processing and using that experience to become the richest man in the world’s most populated country, Li Li, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via The Independent)