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Yeah, take that meat down.

It ain’t easy being a vegetarian. I’ve always known that, but apparently a member of the rodent family is discovering that as well. Water voles, a rodent found in British waterways, have long been vegetarians, but a recent study shows that they have abandoned that foolhardy eating habit and come to the better side.

It’s pretty easy to learn about the water vole eating habits, because they bring their food to the edge of waterways and leave their leftovers in handy little piles for nosy humans to check out. For the first time, though, the study found dead frogs with the other water vole food. This isn’t strange on its own, because in a battle of rodent versus frog, I would expect rodent to win. But these frogs weren’t just dead from battle, they were all missing their legs, which means that the water voles had acquired a taste for frog legs.

Perhaps these water voles are just French immigrants?

Barring that, it is pretty amazing that these little rodents have finally discovered the joy of eating meat. It is a taste to be treasured and I wholeheartedly welcome the water vole into the world of meat-eating.

So for changing your hereditary eating habits into something more conducive to the consumption of meat, water voles, you are true Unvegan Heroes.