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Great teeth.

While meat is easily the greatest food in the world, there are a few special people that not only need it to survive, but actually need to eat solely meat to survive. Oh, and not just any meat — raw meat. That’s where Derek Nance comes into play.

You see, Derek Nance was just any other dude just trying to live his life despite stomach issues that just never went away. Then, he decided to start eating raw meat and his problems went away. It may seem disgusting to some, but to Nance it’s just life. And his palette is so incredibly sensitive that he can tell the most subtle differences in meat. It’s kind of like being a wine sommelier, but so much less pretentious.

I’d write more, but you’d probably just be best reading from the source.

So, for eating solely raw meat for a seemingly insane 7 years and proving that you are better for it, Derek Nance, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

Also, thanks to my buddy Andy for pointing me to the story of Derek Nance. He does music and stuff if you wanna check him out.