The Unvegan

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She can sing and eat.

Who is Gabriella Cilmi? To some, she is completely unknown. To others, she is an Australian music star. And to the most important, she is a meat-lover. While on tour with Leona Lewis, Cilmi is having herself a difficult time. It’s not because of the stress of touring, the rigors of performing or the constant pressure to keep here fans happy. No, her difficulties are much more important than that.

The reason is that Leona Lewis is putting on a vegan tour. That’s bad news for the whole world, but especially for Cilmi. She reportedly told, “I’m from an Italian family, we love meat so I’ll have to smuggle in some salami or something.”

Italian family or not, I like the sound of what she has planned. There’s nothing worse than a world where a young singer can’t get a good salami into her diet. In her most popular song, Sweet About Me, she sings “There is nothing sweet about me.” Sounds like a pretty good unvegan to me.

So for loving meat, and standing out against the injustices of a vegan tour, Gabriella Cilmi, you are a true Unvegan Hero.