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She’s so meaty.

OK come on. This one’s really a no-brainer. Sunday night was the MTV Video Music Awards. I’m not entirely sure that the event is relevant anymore, but what is relevant is the dress that Lady Gaga chose to wear.

When I saw Lady Gaga in concert (yes, seriously), it was quite apparent that she was nuts. But when she arrived at the VMAs with a meat dress on, she proved me wrong. No one crazy would wear a meat dress. That is the kind of dress reserved for the sanest of them all. And I don’t know if it was the fact that she was covered in meat, or that she was just standing next to Cher, but to me, Lady Gaga has never looked better.

She claims that she wasn’t trying to send a message against vegetarians or vegans, but I think the message was pretty clear: If you can’t eat meat because you’re stuck at some dumb awards show, you should at least be wearing it. It’s a pretty universal message, too.

Gaga’s meat dress has, of course, drawn criticism from the crazies at PETA. But who cares about them. The night belonged to Lady Gaga and meat. I just hope that when all the Moon Men had been presented, someone had the presence of mind to fire up a grill and have themselves a Gaga-marinated steak. Or at least ate it the way Lady Gaga likes her meat…raw, raw–raw, raw, raw. Now that would be an award worth winning.

So for wearing meat and not giving a damn what people think, Lady Gaga, you are a true Unvegan Hero.

Oh and she also has some talent.