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Mmm raw meat.

On Monday, Bruce Willis appeared on Letterman wearing a meat hairpiece. It made him look like a deranged member of Devo, but was certainly a step up from any regular hairpiece. After watching the beginning of the video, I was almost ready to make Willis an Unvegan Hero, but that soon changed.

You see, while Willis was wearing meat (as an homage to Lady Gaga and potentially to promote his new movie because meat is also red), it was Letterman who took the meat hairpiece one step further. After seasoning with salt and pepper, Letterman actually took a bite of the raw meat, putting it to real use. He appeared to spit it out later (likely realizing the dangers of raw meat), but the mere fact that he put it in his mouth amazed me. I can only imagine what he would have done if Willis had shown up wearing fully-cooked meat.

So for looking Bruce Willis’s meaty hairpiece down and having the gall to take a bite, David Letterman, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

Catch the full clip here: