The Unvegan

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Who is this mysterious unvegan?

Once upon a time, there was a blog called The Voracious Vegan. For those who know the English language pretty well, they will recognize that voracious means the desire of large quantities of food. This is pretty appropriate for a vegan, because I can’t imagine any amount of that sort of food can be filling. In fact, after 3.5 years of a vegan diet, The Voracious Vegan herself, Tasha, also found this out.

In a post that rattled the vegan blogosphere, Tasha announced that she was done being a vegan. Finished. Her veganity was kaput. But why? She was certainly a voracious defender of her vegan ways. She thought she was saving the world, but in the end she learned she was destroying herself. After feeling depressed, fatigued and perpetually hungry, she saw a doctor about what she could do. To put it bluntly, the doctor told her it was all due to her vegan diet. She told Tasha that the human body was made to eat meat. Sure, some vegans could survive eating that malnourishing diet, but a lot of bodies just couldn’t function with that diet. Tasha was one of the latter.

First she tried supplements (which were derived from animals anyway), but when those failed, she had to give in and get back on the meat wagon. Suddenly her life turned around. Not only did eating meat help her body, but it also seemed to open her mind. She was done judging people for eating meat, because she realized that it was not only healthy, but perfectly sustainable when done correctly.

Vegans the world over have denounced her blog and her new way of life, but that just show how close-minded the vegan world can be. So close-minded in fact that they thought Tasha should suffer her whole life just to avoid eating meat. Now if that isn’t fanatical, then perhaps I have been reading the wrong dictionary all along.

So welcome back to the world of eating meat, Tasha. You deserve it. And for showing the world that the vegan diet can simply be impossible, you are a true Unvegan Hero!