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Meat + Fat = Happy Charles
Meat + Fat = Happy Charles

Charles Washington has an interesting way of eating right. Originally posted in his blog, Zeroing in on Health, he has some rules for eating that put even an unvegan like myself to shame. The rules are as follows:

1) Eat only from the animal world (eggs, fish, redmeat and fowl and some dairy are all animal sourced foods, i.e.: meat).

2) Eat nothing from the vegetable world whatsoever. (Very small amounts of flavourings such as garlic/chillies/spices/herbs which may be added, are not food).

3) On diary: avoid milk and yoghurt (heavy carbs- lactose), use only pure (not thickened heavy) cream (read the label), cheese and unsalted butter.

4) Don’t cook your meat very much- just a little bit on the outside- for flavour- blood-rare or bleu. For this reason I advise against eating pork.

5) Eat liver and brains only very infrequently- they are full of carbs.

6) Be sure to have plenty of fat of animal origin at each meal and eat mostly of the fat until you feel you have had enough- you can eat more lean at this point if you like- calories are not important, nor is the number of meals/day. Vegetable oils are not good food.

7) You do not need any supplements of any kind. Drink a lot of water and do not add salt to anything.

This diet would be a tough one for me. Despite the fact that I love meat, I am really not a fan of fatty foods. Plus, I love carbs. Bread and pasta find themselves in my meals more often than not. With that said, Charles Washington truly lives up to the ideal unvegan standards.

For eating only foods that vegans would avoid and staying healthy, Charles Washington, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Zeroing in on Health)