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Trent Williams: Unvegan Hero

A new kind of hero.

The movie What the Health? has been blowing up lately. Even so far as pushing NFL left tackle Trent Williams to become a vegan. I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I do know that movies or other pieces of media show up like this here and there, only to have copious responses trying to debunk them and whatnot. I’m above all that, but when Trent Williams came out to say he cannot continue his vegan diet, I was ready to jump on it.

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Save the Bacon!

Save us!

Debt ceiling got you down? War and instability in the Middle East making you feel unloved? Casey Anthony getting away with murder pissing you off? I get it, the world is having some problems, but such problems are nothing compared to the biggest problem the world is currently facing: Bacon Prices. Cue the wailing.

Vegan Pictures (With a Side of Meat)

Because vegan food doesn’t look good enough.

It’s a vegan-eat-vegan world out there today (although not literally, because that would be decidedly unvegan) and if you’re one of those meat haters, it’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust. The latest schism comes from an expose at In this expose, it is revealed that VegNews, “the nation’s leading vegan magazine” has been using images with meat in them. That’s right, delicious succulent meat has successfully infiltrated the pages of VegNews, making it unvegan!