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Vegans Keep Killing Babies

How could you kill a thing like this?

It’s happened before, and once again the vegans have used their love of vegetables to kill a baby. Last time, it was the French, but now the vegans have brought baby killing into America. Now, the baby-killing may have occurred in 2004, but just last week the killers were convicted of their heinous crime.

But how did they commit the crime? By feeding the baby a diet of nothing more than soy milk and apple juice. What do you think happens to a baby subsisting on such foods? I’ll give you a second to guess…

If you guessed bronchopneumonia, emaciation, starvation and death after six weeks of life, you win!

So what will it take to teach these crazy vegans how to feed their babies? The parents will serve life in prison, which will prevent them from killing any more babies, but I don’t know if that is enough. Maybe the Georgia Supreme Court should invoke the Code of Hammurabi and force an eye for an eye upon these people. Food them only soy milk and apple juice and see if they can last longer than six weeks.

Now do yourself a favor and send this on to all the vegans you know to ensure they they don’t repeat the mistakes of their imprisoned brethren. Only you can help save babies from vicious baby-hating vegans.

(via Yahoo)