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Because vegan food doesn’t look good enough.

It’s a vegan-eat-vegan world out there today (although not literally, because that would be decidedly unvegan) and if you’re one of those meat haters, it’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust. The latest schism comes from an expose at In this expose, it is revealed that VegNews, “the nation’s leading vegan magazine” has been using images with meat in them. That’s right, delicious succulent meat has successfully infiltrated the pages of VegNews, making it unvegan!

I can just picture the vegans now: “Why does my veggie burger look like poo instead of how it looks in VegNews?” or “Why does my stew appear to be malnourishing, rather than that incredibly nourishing-looking stew in my favorite magazine?” Finally, the answer to why all those recipes look like a disaster has been revealed.

So what can VegNews do now? Clearly they can’t keep mining the stock images they have been using, but can they afford to pay more for vegan images? Thanks to, VegNews has already lost a lot of subscribers and could stand to do more. Isn’t it great when vegans quabble? There’s nothing like a vegan blog that puts vegan magazine workers out of work. It’s something I would expect in the greater media world, but surprising coming from vegans that seem to just want to hold hands, sing kumbaya and grill zucchinis together.

In my opinion, they should just jump in all the way and start showing more blatantly meaty images. Maybe seeing what they are missing out on will help the vegans move back over to the good side. At least on the unvegan side we all get along in our meaty glory.

(via CNN)