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While there are many obvious nutrients missing from the diets of vegans, there is one essential element that is typically passed over: iodine. This element is particularly important in a pregnant woman’s body because “low iodine can increase the risk of miscarriage and thyroid problems in moms, in addition to mental disabilities in babies.”

So when a vegan woman gets knocked up (I say knocked up and not regular pregnant because who would marry a vegan?), a new study shows they have an average iodine level of 79. The recommended range is 150-249. Herein lies the problem with some who choose the vegan diet. Choosing to be vegan can be a personal thing, but when that choice starts affecting others, it needs to become a no-no, along the lines of second-hand smoke or getting pregnant after age 40. No iodine-deficient child is going to grow up and be like, “I’m really glad mommy was a vegan, who cares if the left half of my brain is missing?”

So please, vegans, for the sake of our future don’t get knocked up without at least getting some real food back into your bodies. Natalie Portman did it, and she won an Oscar.

(via Yahoo)