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Just Meat, Please

I accept your diet suggestion, thank you.

An article in Popular Science recently posed the all-important question of our time. Namely, “What Would Happen if I Ate Nothing but Meat?” The answer might be surprising to you. For starters, it won’t kill you.

According to the article, there are only two big things to worry about. And the best part? Neither of them say you need vegetables. The first worry is Vitamin C, which you can get in huge doses by eating fruit. I love fruit and consider it to be vital to an unvegan lifestyle. Besides, when did scurvy ever hurt anyone? Unless you’re talking about pirates with scurvy. In that case scurvy has killed a lot and plundered a ton of booty.

The other concern is fiber. Once again, fiber is all over fruit. But what do vegetables have to offer that you can’t get in fruit or meat? Absolutely nothing. So why eat vegetables when instead you can eat fruit and meat. You’ll avoid the scurvy and lack of fiber from a meat-only diet and you’ll enjoy your life a whole lot more.

(via POPSCI)