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Lab Meat


I’ve reported on on in-vitro meat before, and now it seems that dream of death-less meat is closer than ever. According to the Times of India, this lab meat could even be ready in a year. Yeah, that’s pretty soon. Apparently the key is stem cells.

And no small number of stem cells. It seems that it will take 10,000 of these glory cells to produce a hamburger. The team producing this burger comes from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and I think working towards a burger is a good step. First off, burgers are delicious. Secondly, a burger just seems easier. If the beef isn’t grown perfectly, odds are any weirdness in texture probably goes the way of the dodo when the fake meat will be ground up.

Yes, it seems the burger would be the perfect gateway in-vitro meat. The key is that it has to taste right, though. I’m all about doing away with the slaughter of animals, but only if my burger tastes like a real burger and gives me the vitamins only real meat can give.

(via Times of India)