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I think it went something like this...
I think it went something like this…

This has been a big week in the world of meat-eating. Scientists in Holland or the Netherlands or whatever you call it have grown the first piece of in-vitro meat. In layman’s terms, they grew meat in a lab without killing any animals.

Although the meat wasn’t anything worth putting on a plate, it is the crucial first step in getting PETA to shut the hell up. If they can really make in-vitro meat taste like real meat, the world could soon see an end to real farms.

Since many people are curious about the unvegan take on this development, I would like to say right here that I am in favor of in-vitro meat, but there are some issues that must be worked out. First off, it has to taste like real meat. And I don’t just mean it should be ground up to make a burger. It has to run the whole gamut of meat eatery, from fancy steaks like Kobe Beef to the common chicken breast. Unless in-vitro meats can deliver on this level, they are wasting their time. Also, the meat has to be just as cost-effective as current meats from dead animals. If these two stipulations of mine are seen to fruition, I only fear for the poor farmer, who will have to find a new way to make money.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with in-vitro meat. It could mean a bright new slaughter-free world or it could lead to a market flooded with bland, tasteless meat created in a lab. Hopefully it will go in the direction I have outlined and give a whole new meaning to the ethical eatment of animals.

(via Times Online)