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The Meat Myth

Yummy myth.

We live in a world full of myth. Some of these myths are awesome, like Greek myths. But some myths just plain suck. Like myths about meat. They are rampant and they turn know-nothing vegans into high and mighty zealots. Well, it’s time to kiss those myths goodbye, because I have uncovered a handy little article that should quiet them down.

It’s called Myths of Vegetarianism and it is fantastic. The writer, Dr. Stephen Byrnes goes through the myths one by one. In doing so, he debunks the myth that somehow vegans are able to get vitamin B12 without getting some animal in them. Unfortunately, B12 doesn’t exist in plants. He then goes on to disprove more harmful myths like the one where people think that meats cause disease. Once again, the myth is proven as just a myth. I could go on and on, but luckily Dr. Byrnes has taken care of that for me in his article. Using fact rather than myth, this nifty little article of his is well worth a read. And it might just make you a better person.

(via The Weston A. Price Foundation)