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Oil. Let’s be honest…if you don’t work for an oil company, you probably don’t like it. You deal with fluctuating oil prices and the constant threat that it will run out and the whole planet will be screwed. Plus, every once in a while you get an oil spill, and that is no good for anyone, unless you are in PETA.

Because if you are a member of PETA, you don’t see an oil spill as a tragedy that could have been avoided. No, you see it as an opportunity for more publicity. So just a couple days after oil started leaking over the Gulf of Mexico, PETA blamed the tragedy on people who eat meat. Never mind the fact that oil is used in every facet of the agriculture they are dependent upon or is essential for plastics and other useful parts of everyday life. No, it was all the fault of the meat eaters. It almost makes you wonder if PETA cause the accident themselves for the publicity. Wait, that’s crazy…or is it?!

I’m all about reducing dependence on oil and getting away from offshore drilling. I think most logical people in the world would agree that we can’t keep killing our environment like this, but certainly it is not the fault of meat eaters. Any good unvegan would rather eat a seagull than a vegetable, but seagulls covered in oil are no good for anyone.

(via The Daily Caller)