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NBC has chosen to ban the PETA commercial above from the Super Bowl because of how sexually charged it is. Kudos to NBC for showing the vegetarians who the boss is. But while I completely agree with banning the commercial, I disagree with the reasoning behind it. In the commercial, beautiful women in skimpy outfits can be seen sharing their screen time with vegetables, often performing sexually driven acts with them, ie. licking a pumpkin, rubbing breasts with asparagus.

To start off, I want to say that I am in no way against these women and their performances, for while I am against eating vegetables, I can completely see the merit in using vegetables in these forms. Also, I really have a hard time picturing that one girl using a steak instead of broccoli to…achem…help herself.

My real problem with this commercial is the text that comes across the screen and gets in the way of the women. It reads, “Studies show vegetarians have better sex.” What studies?! Were these the same kind of studies that told our now-former president that global warming wasn’t happening? They clearly didn’t ask me about this. If they had, they would have learned “Other studies show that while vegetarians may think they have better sex, they can never really know because they haven’t done it under the influence of meat.”

And why would they want silly words to get in the way of anyone viewing these beautiful women using vegetables in the only way I can imagine that has any value?