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PETA Loves Tragedy

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Oil. Let’s be honest…if you don’t work for an oil company, you probably don’t like it. You deal with fluctuating oil prices and the constant threat that it will run out and the whole planet will be screwed. Plus, every once in a while you get an oil spill, and that is no good for anyone, unless you are in PETA.

At Least I Eat Them

Old, but still true.

So here’s the deal. Every time anyone outside of PETA does anything to harm an animal, they risk the wrath of PETA. Notice I said anyone “outside,” because apparently harming animals from inside PETA is no problem. I knew they were hypocritical because one of their head honchos uses insulin from pigs, but AOL News reports that the hypocrisy much bigger than that.

Zac Brown Band: Unvegan Heroes

Give us your meat.

While I disagree with the way they chose to spell “Zac,” that is far less important than the things in which I agree with Zac Brown Band. Since the band has been catapulted into the spotlight with their song, “Chicken Fried,” PETA has tried to capitalize on their fame by trying to convince them to give up meat. Good thing the Zac Brown Band isn’t some boring celebrity ready to roll over for the radical group.

Michelle Obama: Unvegan Hero

Meat-eating and fabulous.

If you haven’t heard the news, PETA has issued an ad against fur, which features poorly Photoshopped pictures of Tyra Banks, Carrie Underwood, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. You may wonder how PETA can use the first lady for something like this and according to the White House, they cannot. But you know how PETA likes to do things…if they have to break the law to get their message out, they will. Well if PETA can use an unauthorized image of Michelle Obama in their ads, then I feel totally justified in making her an Unvegan Hero.

PETA Kills Cats

unvegan peta catsA recent article in the Washington Post might, on the surface, seem to be good publicity for PETA, but anyone who reads the article between the lines can see what is really happening. The article talks about the fanatical lives of PETA interns. You know, how they stuff envelopes, hand out pamphlets and umm cover themselves in fake blood.

Blake Shelton: Unvegan Hero

I love that song. Not that it really has anything to do with this post, aside from being Blake Shelton. Based on the song and the inherent sappiness of it, you would never imagine Shelton to be a big time Unvegan Hero, yet here he is. Recently Shelton has engaged in a battle against PETA, and it has been fought with the most modern of all technologies: Twitter.

According to the blogosphere, Shelton has ruffled numerous feathers at the PETA camp with his witty responses to PETA twitters.

Poorly Made by PETA

Here’s a look at PETA’s most recently banned ad, featuring the lovely Pamela Anderson. Apparently it was supposed to be shown in airports, but they decided it was too sexy for that. I actually just think the video is very poorly made. Not that I’m pro fur or anything. If you’re gonna kill an animal, it should be for the food and not for the natural Gore-Tex.