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Alice Cooper: Unvegan Hero

I think he might eat Miss Piggy.

Born in the great state of Michigan, the man called Alice Cooper already had my support. But on top of that, his music like “School’s Out” and “I’m Eighteen” really hit the spot during certain periods in my life. Now that I am basking in the meat-filled period of my life, Alice Cooper has done one more thing to earn my support.

Zac Brown Band: Unvegan Heroes

Give us your meat.

While I disagree with the way they chose to spell “Zac,” that is far less important than the things in which I agree with Zac Brown Band. Since the band has been catapulted into the spotlight with their song, “Chicken Fried,” PETA has tried to capitalize on their fame by trying to convince them to give up meat. Good thing the Zac Brown Band isn’t some boring celebrity ready to roll over for the radical group.

Infected Mushroom: Unvegan Heroes

When looking for this song online, I have to say I was quite disappointed to find no official music video and only a couple really uncomfortable home-made music videos. Oh well, at least we have the song to listen to.

Now, Infected Mushroom isn’t the kind of music my unvegan ears usually listen to. The Israeli duo makes some incredibly psychadelic tunes, and that’s not typically my style. Nonetheless, I must give this band credit where it is due.

First off, the band’s name, Infected Mushrooms, conveys the sense of hatred I have for mushrooms. In my mind, all mushrooms are infected, because they infect my unvegan tastebuds with an unsettling taste.