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Give us your meat.

While I disagree with the way they chose to spell “Zac,” that is far less important than the things in which I agree with Zac Brown Band. Since the band has been catapulted into the spotlight with their song, “Chicken Fried,” PETA has tried to capitalize on their fame by trying to convince them to give up meat. Good thing the Zac Brown Band isn’t some boring celebrity ready to roll over for the radical group.

In response to PETA, they posted the following on Twitter, “Dear PETA – Plants are living creatures too- Bacon had a mother but so did Pickle. It takes life to support life – welcome to the planet.” Great point. Anytime you eat, something has to die. It is the way of life and makes the world what it is. To really drive the point home, though, the band also posted a follow-up, “Chicken is the new tofu.” It sure is, especially because the two aren’t even comparable.

Now enjoy a bit of “Chicken Fried” live and just look at that fiddle go. Can’t imagine a vegan having the strength to play like that.

So for standing up to PETA, loving your meat and singing about it, Zac Brown Band, you are true Unvegan Heroes.