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Blake Shelton: Unvegan Hero

I love that song. Not that it really has anything to do with this post, aside from being Blake Shelton. Based on the song and the inherent sappiness of it, you would never imagine Shelton to be a big time Unvegan Hero, yet here he is. Recently Shelton has engaged in a battle against PETA, and it has been fought with the most modern of all technologies: Twitter.

According to the blogosphere, Shelton has ruffled numerous feathers at the PETA camp with his witty responses to PETA twitters.Here are a few excerpts, stolen from here:

officialpeta: Only animals should wear fur!
blakeshelton: Yeah, but they hide all the meat under there!!!! Dipshit…..

officialpeta: Meat is Murder!
blakeshelton: Yes, delicious murder….

Eventually PETA blocked Shelton, only to unblock him when word got out.

For fighting the good fight and waging a hilarious war of words with PETA, Blake Shelton, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Finding Conor)