The Unvegan

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A few of my loyal friends enlightened me to the existence of this wonderful video circulating the interwebs. It is a clip taken from the life-destroying reality show known as Wife Swap. This particular episode features a delightful little boy who humbly refers to himself as King Curtis. His new mother, Joy, has taken it upon herself to rid the house of junk food (ie. good food) and King Curtis wants nothing to do with that.

As Joy is about to throw away the bacon, King Curtis declares, “Bacon is good for me.” ┬áIt seems he is a little unvegan in the making.

Eventually, due to the lack of chicken nuggets, King Curtis bids farewell to his home and sets sail for greener pastures. These greener pastures just happen to be his grandparents’ home, a place where chicken nuggets seem to grow on trees. Empowered by the nuggets, King Curtis is ready to take on the world and reclaim his home for himself (and likely) unvegans everywhere.

For standing up for what you believe in and knowing the importance of bacon and chicken nuggets, King Curtis, you are a true Unvegan Hero!