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id=- Look forward to bacon.

The great thing about this whole Unvegan Hero/Unvegan Villain thing is that there are so many opportunities to praise Detroit/Michigan athletes and knock down their rivals. But when I found out a little something about Jeff Francoer, I knew I had to give a rival his due.

Francoeur plays for the Kansas City Royals, who happen to be in the same division as my Detroit Tigers. But while we are division rivals, the Royals haven’t been relevant in as long as I can remember. Plus, KC is home to some of the best BBQ in the world, so it gets a few points there. Anyway, this is more about Francoeur, who has brought unvegan delights into baseball in a most interesting way.

It began last year, when visiting Oakland, that “Francoeur tossed a ball wrapped in a $100 bill into the elevated bleacher seats above his outfield spot, instructing fans to use it to buy bacon or beer,” according to the Washington Post. This day became known as bacon Tuesday.

This year he gave the section their own personal pizzas (hopefully without veggies). Veggies or no, these gestures have made Francoeur a popular man in Oakland, despite the fact that he comes from the opposing team.

As for me, if he were playing against my team, I would have a hard time choosing between bacon and a W. I guess I would just hope that losing a game wouldn’t stop Francoeur from making baseball a much more fun and delicious game to watch.

So for your staunch support of bacon, pizza and beer, Jeff Francoeur, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via The Washington Post and @dvdheyman)