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I think he might eat Miss Piggy.

Born in the great state of Michigan, the man called Alice Cooper already had my support. But on top of that, his music like “School’s Out” and “I’m Eighteen” really hit the spot during certain periods in my life. Now that I am basking in the meat-filled period of my life, Alice Cooper has done one more thing to earn my support.

It’s no secret that Alice Cooper loves himself some good food. He even opened a restaurant in Phoenix called Alice Cooperstown, which combines three of my favorite things in the world: Music, Sports and Food. I am sure the place serves up some meaty delights, but this is not about the restaurant, this is about a little something Cooper said a couple days ago when asked how he would like to spend his last day on Earth.

According to an article at Female First, Cooper would “…wake up in Maui…” and finish the day with Sir Paul McCartney himself “eating a big, thick steak.” If you recall, I once wrote about McCartney’s vegan lifestyle and his attempt to get us all to follow that lifestyle on Meat Free Mondays. It’s obvious that Cooper isn’t a fan of this lifestyle and he’s tired of being “Mr. Nice Guy” about it.

So Alice, for being from Michigan, making badass music, opening a restaurant worthy of a visit from Man vs. Food and finally for attempting to convince Sir Paul to eat a delicious steak, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Female First)