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Dale Vince: Unvegan Villain

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Remember the glory days where sports and meat were almost synonymous? Today, it seems like those days are slowly passing us by. It started with PETA making up some dumb award for the most vegetarian-friendly ballparks, and has continued through this day.

I have just learned of a UK soccer stadium that has banned the sale of red meat. That’s right, red meat! That means no “burgers, sausages and cottage pies at the stadium.” I don’t know what a cottage pie is, but now that it is banned, I know I want it. And what’s the reason for all of this nonsense? The vegan owner: Dale Vince.

Already I am annoyed by him because of his two first names, but banning red meat in his stadium has made me even more annoyed. He thinks he is making the world healthier, but doesn’t realize that eating meat (even the red sort) is part of healthy diet. Plus, he is the worst kind of vegan. Of course I don’t support any vegan choices, but honestly I could care less about vegans who go on living their lives (almost) like normal people. But Vince has taken it upon himself to push his beliefs upon other people. I’m not sure how rabid the fan base of the Forest Green Rovers is, but I’m pretty sure I would find myself a new allegiance.

It is a sad time we are living in, where soccer owners think they can just turn people into malnourished vegans. Fortunately teams like the West Michigan Whitecaps still exist, proving that for every crazed vegan, there is a burger with five patties on it waiting just around the corner.